Kleine Villa am See

Willkommen! Welcome!

You feel the softness of the water on your skin. You dip down under the water. All thoughts of deadlines, problems and stress simply float away. The heron silhouetted against the evening sun, the birds singing in the majestic trees that were there when your parents were children. It’s as if the breeze rustling the leaves in the treetops were welcoming you.

The smell of freshly-baked bread and cheese, a good bottle of wine, an open fire. Pure relaxation. You could almost imagine Hansel and Gretel or Pocahontas emerging from the forest. Relive your childhood dream. Spend more time with your children. Give your children this sense of belonging, of being rooted to the earth, and they will be ready for anything.

Unforgettable moments. Idyllic living. A Garden of Eden. A paradise for big and small, for young and old, for man and beast. It feels like a forgotten backwater or another country – and yet you’re just half an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Berlin city centre. The perfect retreat. Unique. A gift. You feel: I’m here. I’m home. Welcome to the villa on Lake Wukensee. Welcome to your perfect paradise.